Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dear le douchebag ahead of me in the Car lane at the Bank:

You hardly noticed me today as it is quite evident that your head is so far up your ass that you probably don't notice much (except maybe for the occasional polyup). As such, perhaps you need me to tell you that you were the third person in line by the time I got there. THIRD! When it was finally your turn I noticed that you pulled up to the vacuumated pod, applied the break, and then lifted up your fat ass to grab your deposit slip from your rear pocket. You then proceeded to hunt through your GARGANTUAN purse to find your deposits. Did I mention that this is what your car looks like:

Do you have any idea how offensive a Yellow Hundai Tuburon is at 9:00 am on a saturday is? Huh, do ya? What the F*** where you doing in your electric piss mobile before you reached the line that you could not fill out your deposit slip? Were you temporary blinded by the neon yellow glare of your hood? I should hope so. Next time, please be a little more considerate and have your deposit ready ESPECIALLY if you have been sitting in the car, presumably doing nothing but waiting for your turn.
Yours pissedofedly,
P.S. And for Christ Sake Get a new car!


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