Friday, February 11, 2005

I love you Corey Feldman!

O.K so I have to admit that, before tonight, Corey feldman was lost on me. I am 23, and therefore right on the cusp of the whole goonies/lost boys/some other ones that I forget corey feldman=hot prepubescent crushing thiing. I found it really hard to see him as any sort of teen hearthrob. True, I found his antics on the last surreal life somewhat amusing. His wedding made for mildy good reality tv fodder. But his performance tonight on 20/20 was awsome. I had now idea he was that much of a media whore. I love me a good scandal, dish, and what not and this whole micheal jackson fiasco is shaping up to be a modern day oj simpson trial with Corey feldman as its Cato Calin. HE NAMED HIS CHILD ZEN. Zen. fully absorb that for a second. This guy is nutty and could barely hide his boner by the simple prescense of Martin Bashear. Prencess Di. The king of Pop. Corey felman singing his tunes (he wrote a song after micheal dumped him) and trying to look pensive.. That's what I call a journalistic orgasam. Way to go Martin! I wait with baited breath for part 2...


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