Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A letter that will never get sent..(C)

Dear C:
When you are horny please do not ask me if I "wanna do it". While I realize that in the beginning of our relationship I found your tactics slightly humorous, I had no Idea that three years later I would be listening to you say those words every night for the rest of my life. Now that we are engaged the thought of a lifetime of this is rather daunting. Also referring to my vagina as my "little thingy" has warn thin as well. While we are on the subject, what is going on with the groping. I thought you were just undersexed when we first started dating, so I pretty much let you do whatever. If only I would have nipped it in the bud then. It is not so much the simple ass pats, I welcom them. It is the "escavator" style attack that has got to stop. I commonly refer to it (as I'm sure you know this - I as you to stop doing it nearly every single goddamed day) as "the dig". On a final note, I really wish you would stop calling me "your little chubby stinky". Especially because this is also what you call our dog.
I love you and remain very truly yours,


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