Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the life and times of the most boring girl in the world

well it's kind of hard for me to write much in this thing, especiall because I am really trying to practice my writing, and its still hard for me to write anything too real on this site. I have this huge fear that I will be "found out" that I will leave it open on the computer and someone will read it. My cover will be blown. For right now, I am writing the old fashioned way, pen to paper, and it feels good. I think it is having a positive effect on me; I am slowly sorting things out. I don't feel so hopelessly unhappy all the time. And my thoughts are scary. It's kind of funny though, I am writng things much more personal and dark than i ever thought I would and there is a very real threat that they could be discovered, much more plausible actual written form than something on the internet. I am trying to write everyday, and hopefully will post mor eoften on this because I think its cool. I like the idea of it very much, but I am trying to work out the kinks. I really do have interesting, funny, human things to say but I can't get to them.


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