Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Memories of Grandma Junie

I tought about my grandma today, and everytime I think about her or talk about her I am overwhelmed with this feeling of saddness. Not becasue she has passed away or anything like that, but because we aren't closer. Last thurdsay was her birthday so I decided to give her a call. I was so nervous about calling her all day, wishing I'd sent her a card, etc, etc, but when I finally did get around to calling her, it was really nice. We had the best conversation and talked for twenty minutes. Mainly, we talked about the food channel (she loves emeril, I love paula dean) and assorted artifacts that she's given me.
If there is one thing that my grandmother and I have in common, it is a love of all things kitchen or cooking related. Right now, I sit here at 23 years of age and in the possession of more dishes than one needs in a lifetime. Seriously, its a sickness. I know I have at least 2,000 dishes, plates and bowls. My grandmother is the only one who not only understands this, but encourages it. I have been thinking of her a lot in the past few days, especially in light of my recent acquisition.
Charlie had gotten word that there was a warehouse that is slated for demolition and that there were bricks and doors in the ware house that he could have. We have and understanding, my man and I, and he lets me take all the "house" junk I want, and he gets to have all the construction related junk that he can fit into the back yard. Sick, aren't we? Anyways, I understand how happy he gets about the notion of a free pallate of pavers (apparently enought to do,like,our whole sidewalk) because it's how happy I got when he told me that there were some dishes in the warehouse.
I arrived at the warehouse literally giddy with the thought of what types of treasue I was going to unearth. Maybe I'd score some more Fiesta, or some Harelequin. I also have an odd love 80's era Corelle. To my surprise, the joy of this motherload was not it's style but its quantity. I'd estimate probably in the neighborhood of 400 dinner plates, 100 cereal bowls, 100 sideplates, and maybe 75 oatmeal bowls. I justified it by saying we could use them when we have the massive party we've been planning for years. Which is about as likely as those bricks ending up in our sidewalks. The dishes are still in the back of my car becasue I am too lazy (and they are too heavy). But everytime I take a turn awkwardly and hear them glinking away I think about my grandmother. She would understand.


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