Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WOE is me!

Surely the dearl lord has smitten me for not getting ashes today. Remember the Hoorver Floormate I've been lauding for days? Well there's been an Accident...

So after you're done with the floormate you are supposed to clean the parts that get dirty. Well yesterday I was feeling particularly enamored with the floormate so I decided to clean all the parts, not just the dirty ones (did I mention how much I love the floormate?) Any who somhow in the sudsy clean sink water one of the parts managed to slip down to the trash compacter. Well, I mascerated it. I hate sticking my hand down into the unknown abyss of nastiness that gets stuck down there unless is unaviodable. There are still pieces of it lying in the compacter right now because I won't go in and get them. It is a sad sad day. Not only because of this but because I finished all of the peanut butter brownies today.


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