Friday, February 18, 2005

yucky nasty mucus

that's how I feel right now. This is what i get for bragging about how I managed to escape yet another flu and cold season unscathed. I spoke too soon. my body is an achy, cold, yucky mucousy mess. I still have my pajamas on from this morning. I haven't showered. My fiancee is on his way home and i can make no pretense of even some semblace of normalcy. i am a stinky dirty mess and he will just have to deal. actually, it kind of makes me a little guilty for not being more accomidating to charlie when he was sick this past week. he's kinda taking the whole "see I told you it was nasty" approach. Somehow I don't think I'll be getting too much sympathy.

In other news, it was my grandmother's birtyday today. We talked on the phone for twenty minutes and I have to say that if I were fifty years older, we would definatly be good friends. I think I have found the key to why she and my mother aren't closer, as my grandmother and I are similiar in ways that my mother and I will never be. In many respects, I am more like my grandmother than my mother. I really wish we lived closer, she has alot to teach me.


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