Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Admission of guilt

My afternoot tv schedule has been completely disrupted. Shook-Up. That in and of itself is so sad. But in my world, thats a big deal.

Good Day Live was taken off the air. I hate to admit, this used to be a must-watch for me. After Jullian and Dorth got the axe, I still watched. Basically, I felt bad for Debbie Matenopoluis. I kinda liked her on the View, and felt sorry for her when she lost that job. She seemed so happy to be working again, so I felt bad for her when they took it off the air. I was neutral on Athel (but I liked her more than Dorothy), and Steve was funny. So my 1:00 time slot is open.

The once vacant 3:00-4:00 slot has been magically filled. A surprising new favorite has come into my life in the past week or two. It's callen Starting Over. It's like the Lifetime version of Real World. And I love it. Five women live together in a house and have life coaches. They get these tasks to do in order to change something about themselves. Evveryone has a secret and they're juicy. And today someone left! Oh the drama.

So from 2:00-3:00 it's baby story and 3:00-4:00 it's Starting Over. Sometimes I cry during every show! It is really pathetic.

Come to think of it. I've been on a real self-improvement jag lately. I always try to watch these shows and absorb some of the revelations by osmosis. Like, someone is going to feel the exact same way I do and and Oprah, or Dr. Phil or Alyana (on starting over) or whoever is going to cure them. I just hope it's not Dr. Phil, becasue he would defiantely make me cry.


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