Thursday, March 03, 2005

An afternoon with my mother-in-law involving hemmoroids. and drugs.

I spent a surprisingly non-awkward afternoon with my MIL. She had to get a colonoscopy (sometimes i wonder, do I really want to marry into a family with this many "digestive" issues?) She needed someone to pick her up after the procedure, and since I'm unemployed these are the types of things I do to fill my day. Charlie had a GI series done about a year ago and the twilight drugs made him absolutely loopy. So I was kind of intrigued as to how she would act under the influence of drugs.

I picked her up and she was in unusually good spirits, which is unusual. She started telling me how the doctor wants to remove her hemmroids, but only the external ones. I have no idea really what this means but the visual images I am forming are frightening.

I then somehow got railroded. While we were sitting on the couch munching away on our tim hortons bagelst, I got bombarded with questions about the wedding. We've been engaged now for two months and I wish people would just get off by back. Now I am worried about the impending visit of my parentals this weekend. I wish there was some way to just bypass all this crap!

I have absolutely no desire to plan or have a wedding. I purused to obligitory library of bridal magazines and put in my time at the, and I'll Im left with is this: weddings are a pain in the but and they cost a lot of money. Money, which I for one would like to have for other things, like property. Some of my tulle-loving aquaintances would beg to differ.


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