Tuesday, March 08, 2005

hey stranger

I recieved and e-mai this weekend from my boarding school roommate. She was at another one of my old friend's bachelorette parties over the weekend and she just dropped me a line to let me know she was thinking of me. While I was happy to get the e-mail, it also made me sad. I really wish I had been better about keeping in touch with all of my old friends. Somehow, they have all managed to stay close and I sank into oblivion. I feel kind of embarassed that I have no exciting job, live in Ohio, am basically so vanilla. My life used to be interesting. Oh well, I am really going to try this time to stay in touch. It makes me want to try and get in touch with some people that I've forgot over the years. I am kind of lonely here, and it shames me to admit that Charlie's crazy family and sister's in law are a major source of my entertainment/social life.

It makes me kind of sad to have to "real" friends anymore (at least ones that live here).


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