Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Monthly freak out

Okay so here's the deal. Part of my PMS "process" is that I have to freak out once a month that I am pregnant. I freak out mainly because I want a baby so badly, but know that now is not the time. Fo one, we haven't even set a wedding date yet. And I know how it works: 1.Comes love (check) 2.Marrige (in progress) 3. Baby Carriage (shit please not yet). You'd think after literlly years and years of this monthy tourture, you'd think I'd would have developed a more suitable tracking method for these sort of things, but I haven't. Everytime I do remember to track these things, I manage to freak out even more. It sucks becasue we spend the rest of the month talking about what it will be like when... And for a week or so we think fuck, what have we done! I get all hormonal and rehearse the tear filled conversation which I will have to call my parents and destroy their world.

But that's would be just my luck. Live with boyfriend against parent's wishes, get engaged and everyhing is just ducky. For a month or two.

I lied. My period was supposed to come today. I'm still waiting. Shit fuck.


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